Whale safari at Senja - with whalescientist Tiu Similä

Sign up for an exotic whale safari around Andenes and Gryllefjord! We sail out in to the feeding grounds and explore these amazing creatures up close. Together with a fantastic crew, the famous whale scientist Tiu Similä will keep you company on board. She has studied these amazing creatures for a lifetime, and knows the area where they travel in and out. On board the 80 foot sailing vessle you will also be accompanied by M/S Ylajalis own master chef. Tours are available for booking in January and February 2016. We hope to see you on board! 

Day - 1
Arrival at Evenes Airport between 08.00 and 09.00 PM. From there the airport shuttle takes you in to Harstad city in about 40 minutes, where M/S Ylajali and the crew is waiting for you at the dock. Once on board we serve a light evening meal as we go through the schedule the coming days. Then there will be a short opening presentation by whale scientist Tiu Similä. The rest of the evening can be used to get properly installed on board, and to prepare for the next days big adventure.

Day - 2
Captain and the crew start preparing the boat early the next morning. Around 06.00 a clock we set sail for Andenes and Gryllefjord, that way we will get the most out of the nordthern daylight. Breakfast will be served between 07.00-10.00, to beautiful surroundings and echoes of whales approaching in the distance. The voyage all the way out to Gryllefjord takes about 5-6 hours from Harstad. When we arrive in the area outside Gryllefjord, we try to locate the whales with sonar and help from our very own whale scientist on board. And should we find the whales the rest of the day is spent exploring these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Accompanied by Tiu Similä, who is happy to share her knowledge. In the evening we will dock at the local harbor in Gryllefjord, sheltered from the open sea. Once settled in tonights dinner will be served by Ylajalis very own master chef. 

Day - 3

Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 10:00, while the crew and captain leave early in the process of preparing today's sailing. We cast off from the quay relatively early in the morning, so that we make use of the magic morning light Norway is known for this time of the year. On the way out Gryllefjord we locate the whale herds in the area. There will be opportunities to photograph and enjoy a few last hours with these amazing creatures. Before finally heading back towards Harstad harbor. If we are lucky some of the whales follow us part of the way back to civilization.

Watch these two amazing videos with Tiu Similä, shot on one of our whale expeditions in 2014! Made by National Geographic.