Welcome to Lofoten Horizon

Lofoten Horizon offers the ultimate nature experience in the Lofoten region. Based in our 80 foot (24 m) large motor sailor, M / S Ylajali, we take you where you want and do everything possible for you to have a memory for life. Whether you want to ski down Geitgaljen, dive in the Trollfjord, go on a photo safari to see whales, seals and sea eagles, or just sitting on the aft deck to enjoy genuine North Norwegian nature, so are we in Lofoten Horizon there to ensure that you enjoy.

Ylajali is also a fantastic sailing boat, where you can participate in our daily sailing cruises along the Lofoten Islands. On the way you can both participate in, and learn about sailing.

Lofoten Horizon collaborates with other actors in Lofoten, each of whom are specialists in their field, be it diving, photography, cooking, skiing and hiking ,fishing, kayaking and many exciting activities.

On board, you can also hold courses or meetings for smaller groups up to 12 people, with full catering and accommodation.